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Impact4Ed is an initiative created by the Impact4Ed Coalition with dissemination support from the Charter School Facility Center at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

The Impact4Ed Coalition is a voluntary organization comprised of some of the leading non-profit organizations in public charter school facilities, including non-profit loan funds, non-profit developers, and community development institutions.


We launched this initiative to build awareness of the charter school sector and the opportunities for impact investors to have a double bottom line impact - creating positive social benefits to underserved children and receiving a socially-motivated return on their capital. We believe that investors care about education but don’t know where or how to make an investment.


We also are aware that public charter school leaders are unfamiliar with the growing world of impact investors. The Impact4Ed initiative is designed to bring these two groups together.

Founding Members: 

Angie Bealko- Practice Lead, Quality Schools Austin, KLE Foundation

Jack McCarthy- CEO, AppleTree Institute for Education Innovation  

Kevin Guitterrez- Governance Director, Louisiana Association of Charter Schools

Melissa Carollo- Finance & Operations Director, Louisiana Association of Charter Schools

Scarlet Sy- CFO, Pacific Charter School Development

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